A Message from the President

Welcome to our 2016 FPA of Idaho meetings!

Our first lunch meeting is February 16th from noon to 1:30pm at the Arid Club. The speaker will be Patty Highley from the Department of Finance with some words of wisdom from our local regulator.  The sponsor will be Ascendant Capital.  Please personally thank them both for their participation at our meeting.  Please RSVP to Lisa Fyan at if you are interested in attending and invite a colleague!!

As with any volunteer organization, there are always a select few that make it what it is.  It is kind of like an 80/20 rule for most companies.  That being said, we have a few individuals who have been steadfast in their contributions to our organization over the years and continue to do so without a whimper.  However, I am sure they would be more than willing to relieve some of their responsibilities if given the chance.  Therefore, if you have any inclination to want to participate more in our organization and become a board member, please come talk to me or any of our board members.

As always, if you have suggestions for sponsors or speakers or want to discuss ways we can increase the value of your membership, please let me know.


Brett Gallagher

President, FPA of Idaho


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