The Correctional Development Center in Davidson County

A financial literacy program was initiated at the Davidson County Correctional Development Center, a medium security facility, in 2005 by member Royce Monk.  The vision has been to help prepare participants to better take care of their families and teach financial responsibility.

FPA members teach 1 1/2 hour classes to groups of up to 20 men and 20 women weekly for eight weeks.  The educational sessions are to help prepare the participants to return to the mainstream society in the near future.  We potentially reach 160 participants per year.  The 8 week cycle is repeated four times during the year.  Topics include: goal setting, credit and banking, life and health, estate planning, investments, retirement and P & C.

Participants completing the 8 week sessions are presented with a certificate and a copy of The Encyclopedia of Financial Planning, a gift from the FPA of Middle Tennessee.

For additional information or to volunteer please contact:
Royce Monk, CFP®
Crown Capital Securities

Williamson County 21st Drug Court

A second opportunity to teach financial literacy came about in 2009.  The 21st Drug Court, a non-profit, alternative drug rehab program in Williamson County asked the FPA of Middle TN if we would help teach some basic financial planning concepts to their “enrollees”, similar to our Correctional Development Center in Davidson County.  FPA members teach six 1 hour classes.  Classes will run one time per year.  It is a co-ed program; there are currently 30 individuals participating.

For additional information or to volunteer please contact:
Robert V. Bolen, CFP®, CFA
Bolen | Dodson & Associates

Junior Achievement

The FPA of Middle TN supports the JA / NEFE High School Financial Planning program in our area.  Member volunteers teach classes at area high schools during the fall and spring semesters.

JA introduces students to the importance of making wise financial decisions.  The program demonstrates the importance of planning and goal setting.  Students learn basic concepts and skills to assist them in their personal financial decision-making.

For additional information or to volunteer please contact:
Bryan Fay, CFP®
Pro Bono Chairman
SunTrust Bank

Become a Re-entry Program Sponsor for only $16!  (or half a sponsor if times are hard at your place.)

Did you know the FPA of Middle Tennessee has a Pro Bono project for serving the inmates of Davidson County Sheriff’s Office?  We are now in our fifth year and have chosen to offer Financial Planning classes to those persons housed and being prepared for re-entry into society at the Davidson Co. Correctional Development Center on Harding Place in Nashville, TN. There are 11 volunteers currently serving an average class of 25 participants. We teach 8 weeks of classes, four times a year.

All of the costs of the program have been borne by the volunteers and/or the FPA of Middle TN Chapter. We have personally supplied handouts, folders to hold the handouts, pencils, pens, markers for the white boards and even our own erasers.  We have also wanted to supply those leaving our program with something to give more information and encouragement as they go into the future. A book was one of the ideas, but this had to be the “right” book. With the publication by the FPA of The Encyclopedia of Financial Planning, we think it works. It is amazing how much receiving that book means to these men and women. The first year we offered the book in 2006 when it was published, one woman who was released early, drove from Lavergne, TN to come back for the remaining two weeks of the night class, just so she could earn her book. We are hoping this book goes a long way to changing lives by constantly reminding them how much we as the Financial Planning Community care about their future.

But how to pay for them? The cost is reasonable with the purchase of 100 copies it is $16 per book.  With an average number of 25 participants in each 8 week cycle, members support will give us the amount needed for the exit gifts to departing participants this year.  We planned to pay for the books with our small budget line for Pro Bono, but there is NOT enough for the final session. If every member of the FPA could sponsor one book, we can look forward to not only the final session benefitting from the Encyclopedia of Financial Planning, but sessions to come in 2010.

There are three convenient ways to donate a book(s):

  • Mail a check payable to the FPA of Middle TN – $16 per book.  Mail to: FPA of Mid-TN, P.O. Box 150608, Nashville, TN 37215.
  • Purchase a book at the next chapter meeting
  • Pay by credit card.  Simply reply to this email and PayPal details will be sent to you.

To those of you who have donated a book, or plan to donate a book, THANK YOU!

With fiscal appreciation,

Royce Monk
Volunteer and Re-entry Program Co-coordinator