February 3, 2020





Associate Advisor

This is Us.

We are a financial planning & wealth management firm looking for a self-driven, compassionate, and knowledgeable Associate Advisor. As a CFP® Practitioner (Certified Financial PlannerTM), the lead advisor & founder has always let the planning process drive the solutions we implement for our clients.  We are authentic, genuine, fun, and very much “non- corporate.” The image of a stockbroker, insurance agent, or Wall Street executive is about as far from who we are as one can get.  We have created a family of clients that have now become our friends. Our core values align with the importance of family and work/life balance; we don’t “live to work” but rather “work to live” and, within reason, will be flexible in knowing that “life happens”; we don’t want to have our team choose between “work” and “family”—as long as the job at hand gets done.

Is this you?

Here’s some of what we would look for in an “ideal team member”:

  • You possess the right mix of compassion, authenticity, accountability, and dedication to connect with clients and serve both them and the advisor well.
  • You aren’t afraid of taking initiative. We believe that the amount of initiative you have is the amount you take until we tell you it’s too much.
  • Knowing that the advisor has many “irons in the fire” and isn’t always in the office, you’re confident to run with a project or task list and exhaust all internal and external resources before coming to the advisor for the answer. (see bullet point #2)
  • You desire to make a very real and tangible impact on the organization and the clients we serve and understand your value to a growing team.
  • You don’t need someone to tell you step-by-step how to solve a problem. You strive for continuous improvement in processes and procedures and rarely let things slip through the cracks. (Again, see bullet point #2).
  • You know how to prioritize.
  • You know there’s always room for improvement and are open to constructive feedback. You are also not shy in sharing with the advisor your thoughts on how to improve the client experience and firm processes.
  • Clients talk about how pleasurable you are both in person and on the phone and how they appreciate that you hold them accountable to the action items we ask them to accomplish as part of the planning process and goals they’ve identified are important to them to accomplish.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Client Service:

  • Handle client-related requests and account service inquiries w/o advisor input that have been escalated from the Practice Manager (PM).
  • For new clients, assist PM with data collection and input into financial planning software
  • Organize and analyze financial data received from new and existing clients
  • Formulate financial plans and strategies for clients (give advice)
  • All prep required for new and existing client review appointments, including plan prep and design.
  • Learn and adapt to a variety of technology tools used to accomplish both client facing and back office tasks.
  • Assist clients with implementation of recommended and agreed-upon strategies.
  • Generate reports and other deliverables for both client facing and back-office needs (Letters of Instruction, illustration requests, plan designs, follow up action item plans, etc.)
  • Collaborate with 3rd party providers (insurance brokers, TPAs, retirement plan providers, CPAs, attorneys, etc.) to provide/receive any information needed to serve clients well
  • END GOAL: work together to transfer existing IPWM clients to you as the lead advisor, freeing up founder to bring on more newer/niche clients to serve.

Investment Management

  • Assist and eventually oversee all investment management that occurs within client portfolios. This includes:
    • Ad hoc trading to satisfy client withdrawals and deposits
    • Running scheduled rebalances to ensure all client portfolios are within tolerance
  • Continuous research and updating of firm’s model portfolios


  • Respond directly to client inquiries received via email and/or phone
  • Write periodic client communication pieces for monthly newsletters
  • Assist lead advisor in developing content for IPWM website. This will include:
    • Researching specific topics and gathering necessary data
    • Creating graphs, tables, charts, or other visuals to complement written content


  • Assist advisor with inbound marketing efforts. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Creating original content for blog
    • Ideating and outlining topics for ebooks
    • Sketching/outlining presentations for webinars and/or in-person presentations (actual creation of the presentation can be outsourced to our virtual assistant if needed).
  • Assist Practice Manager in coordination and scheduling of in-person or virtual marketing events such as workshops, seminars, webinars, or other
  • You WILL NOT be asked to proactively go out and be responsible for direct “business development” (a.k.a. sales) but rather assist the IPWM team behind the scenes to ensure lead advisor is equipped for these events and initiatives.

Essential Skills

  • Strong interpersonal and telephone communication skills
  • Ability to provide high level of authentic service and compassion to client relationships
  • Previous experience in CRM database management (i.e. Act, Salesforce.com, Redtail, Infusionsoft, etc.). Redtail CRM experience is preferred, but not required. Using and building workflows is a bonus, but not required.
  • Be comfortable and proficient using Mac OS or Windows OS.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in MS Office Suite 2007 or 2011 and/or Office 365.
  • Dedication to high quality of work and significant attention to detail.
  • Ability to work independently (think through and solve problems on your own) but also collaborates/communicates well in a team environment.

Other Requirements

  • Bachelor’s or equivalent and minimum of 1-2 years’ experience in financial services required.
  • CFP® Certification is preferred, but not required.
  • Must pass basic background and credit check.


We believe very strongly that “you get what you pay for” in life, talent being no exception. For a highly qualified candidate with experience, we are not shy of acknowledging that and rewarding it in turn. Paid holidays & PTO (unlimited vacation begins in 3rd year), flexible work schedule, safe harbor 401(k), and professional training & development are also part of the package.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume as a PDF along with a short video specifying what it is about this opportunity that is attractive to you.  Don’t be “corporate”; let your personality come out. Email [email protected] indicating “Associate Advisor opening” in the subject line.


  1. If we LOVE your cover letter, video, and resume, our office manager Cathy will schedule a brief phone interview to ask the first couple rounds of screening questions.
  2. If she LOVES the conversation, we’ll have you come to the office to complete a personality assessment as well as a couple of sample tasks to test your knowledge and abilities.
  3. If you CRUSH step 2, we’ll invite you back to the office for a formal interview with both Cathy and founder/lead advisor Adam.
  4. If you BLOW OUR MIND in the interview, the last step will be to grab lunch or dinner with everyone just to make sure we all like each other before committing to work together.

Ultimately, this process is designed so that, once hired, our team and clients all remark “Where did you find this person?! They’re amazing!!”


*Our office is very busy, so please do NOT try to contact our team through any method other than submitting your resume and cover letter as described above. All other attempts to reach our office will be ignored.

Please visit www.integratedpwm.com to learn more about our firm.