Who We Serve In the past, we’ve chosen to focus on FPA members age 36 and under. This distinction specifically left out nonmember students and late-stage career changers, focusing instead on young planners. We felt the age limit, while a good barometer of membership, was limiting and exclusionary. In revisiting who we serve, we’ve chosen to expand our focus. New membership focus: We serve aspiring and early-career CFP® professionals. With a refocused intention of inclusivity, we look forward to the next age of NexGen. For us, it is helpful to consider the new member definition as a career stage continuum; where “T” is one’s entry into the profession. We think of NexGen as aspiring and new-to-the-profession professionals. A rough measure might be: T minus four years (aspiring) to T plus eight years (early career stage). This is not meant to be restrictive in any way but rather, illustrative to depict the theory behind the change. Our hope is to remove the idea that a member can “age-out.” Instead, we prefer an opt-out method. We encourage those whose experience level exceeds NexGen’s career-stage continuum to actively mentor those who will follow. This is a bedrock change for NexGen; one we feel will provide focus and increase inclusion.

Learn more about FPA NexGen a group dedicated to FPA members in their careers or new to the industry on the FPA National website: FPA NexGen.

The FPA of Greater St. Louis chapter has started our own NexGen group.  If you have an interest in connecting with other FPA members, contact us to be put on the list to be notified of upcoming events.

NexGen St. Louis Meeting

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