Community Outreach – Pro Bono

FPA of Hampton Roads Community Outreach Pro Bono


FPA Hampton Roads is one of the leading chapters for FPA’s Community Outreach and Pro Bono programs.  This program started nationally with support to 9/11 families and continued with support for victims of California wildfires in 2003. FPA has subsequently created alliances with the American Red Cross, the military and the Project for Financial Independence.


Community Outreach – Pro Bono

The Financial Planning Association of Hampton Roads stands ready to reach out to residents of the Hampton Roads area with sound, objective financial direction to prepare families for financial stability, and we can guide them in their own financial situations during times of difficulty.


We welcome volunteers to help with speaking engagements, seminars/workshops, public outreach events, financial literacy presentations, disaster preparedness training and individual financial counseling. We currently partner with our local Junior Achievement organization, the Virginia Beach Adult Learning Center, the American Red Cross of Southeast Virginia, and Faithworks. We recently added ECPI College of Technology and the YWCA to expand our partnerships and alliances with organizations which serve the population we seek to reach.

2016 Volunteer Opportunites:

March 12, 2016  March Money Madness


Please read the guidelines and FAQs below, then send your volunteer form to:

Community Outreach Director, FPA Hampton Roads

PO Box 68031, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23471-8031


If you have any questions, please send via e-mail to or call our chapter at (757) 274-6212 to leave a message for our Community Outreach Director.FPA of Hampton Roads Community Outreach and Pro Bono



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