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Financial Planning CE Credits

The Financial Planning Association of Hampton Roads helps financial planners with their financial planning continuing education credits. The FPA of Hampton Roads provides opportunities throughout the year to meet your CE requirements. Learn about financial planner CEU’s, find information on the different types of credits, and learn how to report them.

The Financial Planning Association of Hampton Roads is registered with the CFP® Board as a CE sponsor and registers programs advertised as CE programs with the CFP® Board. CFP® Professional Continuing Education Credit is awarded.


How to Report Your Financial Planning Continuing Education Credits


Satisfactory completion of our CE programs is reported electronically for CFP® licensees who request CFP® Professional Continuing Education Credit on their registration form. When reporting CE, the attendee’s CFP® license number and last four digits of his social security number must be cited. If you fail to ensure we have accurately recorded these two numbers, you may not receive CE credit by the CFP Board. Consult the booklet: CFP® Certification: Policies, Renewal Requirements and Continuing Education Standards for more information. This booklet may be downloaded from the CFP® Board’s website:


Virginia Life Insurance CE Credits


We may also register some CE programs for Virginia Life Insurance CE credit. These programs will be denoted as “Va. Life Insurance CE credit (approval pending)”, or “approved for Va. Life Insurance CE credit”. Persons who satisfactorily complete CE programs approved for Virginia Life Insurance CE will receive Virginia Life Insurance CE credit. Virginia Life Insurance CE credit is reported electronically. CE credits reported may be reviewed at the Pearson VUE website.

CE programs approved for Virginia Life Insurance CE credit will be denoted as either “Non-Company/Non-Agency” or “Company/Agency”. No more than 75% of credits towards compliance may be “Company/Agency” courses and at least two credits must be “laws and regulations” credits. All facets of the Virginia Insurance continuing education program are administered by Pearson VUE in partnership with Sircon. License holders may view Virginia Insurance continuing education requirements at the Pearson VUE website.

Virginia Life Insurance CE credit is awarded for specific programs of specified credit hours duration. There is no option to award partial credit for attending a partial program. Thus, if you arrive after a program begins or leave before a program ends, we have no alternative but to deny Virginia Life Insurance CE credit.

Credit hours for CFP® CE are somewhat more flexible than for Virginia Life Insurance. CFP® Professional Continuing Education Credit may be awarded in a minimum quantum of one hour with additional half-hour increments. Thus, partial credit may be available if you have attended at least one hour of a CFP® Professional Continuing Education Credit accepted program.

In order to be at all times honest, correct, and efficient, we administer financial planning continuing education credits programs in accordance with CFP® Board and Virginia Insurance Commission requirements. We are legally and ethically bound to adhere strictly to requirements for monitoring attendance and awarding CE credit. Please do not impugn our character or call your own into question by asking us to turn a blind eye or make exceptions to the rules.


Other Continuing Education Credits: PACE, CPA, and Enrolled Agent


The FPA of Hampton Roads does not attempt to qualify it’s continuing education programs for award of CE credit for other professional credentials or certifications. However, most of our Virginia Insurance continuing education programs may satisfy the requirements for the PACE, CPA, and Enrolled Agent continuing education programs. Please consult the specific requirements of the governing body for the credit you seek to determine the applicability to those program requirements. PACE continuing education requirements are set by The American College and may be consulted at their website.

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