A Message from the President

Welcome to our 2017 FPA of Idaho meetings!

March Madness has arrived.   In that theme the FPA of Idaho will be having our own little competition.   We will be awarding a gift certificate to a fine dining establishment for $100 to the member with the most points by May 1st, 2017.  You will receive one point for every new guest you bring to our March and April meetings and receive five points for every new member that signs up by May 1st.  We will present the award at the May meeting.  Invite your friends and colleagues!   We could use some new faces and ideas to our organization.

This month our speaker is Matt Ward from American Funds.  He will be speaking on a topic that is front and center of the news and a big part of our value proposition as Advisors, which is the age old debate between active and passive investing.  We would like to thank Matt in advance for his time.


As always, if you have suggestions for sponsors or speakers or want to discuss ways we can increase the value of your membership, please let me know.


Brett Gallagher

President, FPA of Idaho


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