Pro Bono

Helping Military Personnel & Their Families

In these times of extended and repeated deployments, our military personnel, both active and reserves, need financial empowerment more than ever. National Guard and Reserve units across the nation are being activated and deployed on a regular basis. Many deployments are disrupting personal and financial lives as many of our brave warriors are putting their careers on hold, their 401(k) and retirement savings may be interrupted, and income very often declines.

In support of these efforts, the Foundation has been providing a booklet entitled “Accomplishing Your Financial Mission” that has information and help specifically targeted to the military. A PowerPoint presentation is also available for planners in their pro bono outreach to military personnel and their families. The booklet was developed with information from FPA Pro Bono, Department of Defense and financial planners experienced with military.

Jim Peniston
Executive Director
Foundation for Financial Planning