FPA’s response to the recent Investment News article regarding the NYC Chapter

FPA is a national organization with 86 separately incorporated state chapters. Each state chapter is subject to its own articles of incorporation, bylaws, and state laws. Given the challenges facing the New York board of directors, we were asked to step in by many of the board members to help guide the chapter toward a resolution of the deep differences that were afflicting their board of directors. When it became abundantly clear that the New York chapter board of directors could not resolve their differences and operate effectively to serve the needs of its members, FPA acted through the authority granted to it by the affiliation agreement to ensure that New York chapter members would continue to have access to and receive quality programs and services.

Ms. Kamboh has made a series of inflammatory and unsubstantiated allegations, among them, that FPA ignored her allegations of unethical behavior by certain chapter board members. This is not accurate. Since several New York chapter board members had completely different interpretations of the circumstances that concerned Ms. Kamboh, FPA worked with the New York chapter to support the board’s understanding of the New York chapter’s policies, procedures, and bylaws to ensure that they would be followed in the future.  Ms. Kamboh supported this approach and called a meeting of the New York chapter board, at which time FPA provided the requested assistance to help the New York board of directors resolve their policy disputes and internal differences.  At no time during this process did Ms. Kamboh complain that FPA was burying or avoiding the issue. Any allegations that Ms. Kamboh is making about discriminatory practices that FPA has engaged in are false. 

The New York Chapter is not being dissolved.  We are working with many New York volunteer leaders to continue uninterrupted quality service to the New York chapter members.