Community Service

Community service (public awareness) is working directly with the public to promote the value of financial planning. Public awareness can take many forms, including exhibiting at public events, speaking to consumer groups, and creating alliances with other non-profit organizations and companies to help educate their employees or members on the value of financial planning.

This area of our chapter focus is a critical component of Our Mission Statement: To provide an educational and networking forum for financial services professionals that increases public awareness of the benefits of the financial planning process and promotes high ethical standards.

Your FPA of Mid-Oregon is providing a number of resources and initiatives to aid in promoting financial planning to the public, as well as increasing the level of financial literacy.  We are actively partnering with local community organizations and if you would like to partner with us or have questions, please let us know.

For example, the 2010 Eugene Financial Planning Day was a launching, so to speak, of our Pro Bono efforts.  Here are some areas of focus going forward: