Schedule of Events

April Breakfast Meeting

  • Thursday Apr 11, 2019
  • Start Time: 8:30AM
  • End Time: 11:00AM
  • Rivers Club, One Oxford Center, 301 Grant Street, downtown Pittsburgh
  • Presented by:'
    • Carolyn A.W. Whitworth, Esquire
    • Danielle L. Dietrich, Esquire
    • Nora Gieg Chatha, Esquire

9 – 9:50 am
How to Help Clients Build Effective Estate Plans

This session will cover six areas that may be relevant to a client’s estate plan.  The first segment will include general estate planning concepts and basic tax planning, focusing on when a client might have the need for specialized estate tax planning.  We will start with an overview of what clients need to know about how their property passes and how the planners can help them recognize issues that need to be addressed.  When clients need specialized tax planning, we will discuss generally what options are available.

The second segment will cover special needs topics and Medical Asssistance (Medicaid) – Long Term Care (MA-LTC) planning.

The third segment will deal with a client’s lifetime planning, including powers of attorney and guardianships.

10-10:50 am
Estate Planning using Survivorship Life Insurance

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