Chapter Meetings/Events

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Chapter Meeting – Cincinnati

Machine Learning in Investment Management
Presenter: Rick Roche

Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm

AI. Black Box. Learner algorithms. Model decay. Quant-amental. Man/machine mix. Learn about the science and art of machine learning in the equity markets. Machine Learning in Equity Market Investing is an insider’s look into the opaque world of quantitative investing and application of machine learning in equity investing.

The presenter will separate fact from fiction and hype from reality. Learn how asset managers are deploying learner algorithms and advanced statistical modeling to classify and monetize varied and differentiated sources of potential alpha. Although quants have not taken over Wall Street (not yet, anyway), the audience will be surprised to hear just how widespread automated trading systems (ATS) and algorithmic investing are being deployed in today’s equity markets.

The presenter reveals some of the largest practitioners of quantitative investment management and emerging players in the quant investing space. Increasingly, asset managers are combining human and machine intelligence in the investment decision-making process. There’s a virtual arms race fueled by 500+ alternative data set and tech vendors frantically hiring data scientists, computer engineers and math PhDs. No previous experience required!
Approved for 1hr CE for CFP
Pending Approval for 1hr CE for Ohio and Kentucky Insurance

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Chapter Meeting – West Chester

Not Your Typical Tax Reform Update
Presenter: William Vasil

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018 (TBD)
Time: 11:00am – 1:00pm
Session will utilize case studies and examples to highlight new tax planning opportunities and strategies. Topics that will be covered include the following:
· New business deduction for pass-through entities and sole proprietors including case study examples
· Corporate tax reform and how that may determine entity choice going forward
· AMT changes including case study examples
· Itemized deduction planning opportunities
· IRA recharacterization change
· Depreciation changes for asset purchases
· Entertainment deduction change
· ACA mandate repeal
· New Tax brackets
· Kiddie tax changes
· Tax credit changes
· State and local tax limits
· Personal exemption and standard deduction changes
· Alimony deduction change
· New mortgage limits
· Medical expense limitations
· Student debt
· Estate tax changes
· Net operating loss and excess loss limitations

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Advocacy Day 2018

Please join us in advocating for issues that are crucial to practitioners of the financial planning community. Participating in these events will empower you to positively interact with policymakers and display FPA’s strength as the association for all CFP® professionals.

State Level
State Advocacy Days help you connect with your local legislators and regulators to build important relationships that help influence the right people. FPA Advocacy seeks to advance and protect your profession by proactively seeking out those who vote on issues that affect your profession. Please join members of the FPASWO’s board for the Ohio State Advocacy day on Wednesday, May 23rd, in Columbus, Ohio. For more information please email John Dougherty at
Federal Level
Federal Advocacy Days are an important opportunity for FPA members and leaders to gather on The Hill to continue the dialogue with federal policymakers about our profession while displaying FPA’s strength as the association for all CFP® professionals. This year’s 5th Annual FPA Advocacy Day takes place on Wednesday and Thursday, June 6-7th in Washington, D.C. Click here to learn more about how you can advocate in D.C. with fellow FPA Members.

Happy Hour!

Hard day? Or, hard business? How about a cold one and a little convo with your co-workers to relax into the weekend?
The FPA of Southwestern Ohio would kindly like to invite you and one of your co-workers to have a few drinks on us. And no worries, your guest does not have to be a member of the FPA.
We hope you and your guest can join us for this new networking event that will surely add a priceless value to your local FPA membership!

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