FPA of Southwestern Ohio NexGen Group

What is NexGen?

NexGen is a nation‐wide community within the FPA Association with the goal of facilitating the transfer of wisdom, values, and integrity from the pioneers of financial planning to the next generation of professionals. Its members are age 36 and younger. NexGen strives to provide a network that serves to:

• Support, advise, and encourage one another in our professional advancement;
• Promote, foster, and direct programs that aid in the transfer of knowledge from the pioneers of financial planning to the future of the profession; and
• Explore issues common to younger planners and seek means of accentuating the positives and finding resolutions for the negatives.

Many NexGen members are looking for ways to find early success in the profession and further explore their true passions. Within the Southwestern Ohio NexGen chapter, we strive to attract members from diverse and unique backgrounds to foster growth and networking among the best and brightest. We believe that by bringing together people from all aspects of the industry, we will create an environment that supports successful planners and leaders for our industry going forward.

Why Should Young Planners Get Involved?

The community has grown tremendously and our unique viewpoints on the industry have benefited FPA members as a whole. Becoming involved on a local level is helpful as it:

• Identifies you as a future leader in this evolving industry
• Provides you with a platform to impact the direction of an industry that continues to change.
• Exposes you to established and experienced planners in the community
• Encourages you to shape the conversation of your NexGen Community
• Offers networking with other young professional organizations in your community
• Provides hands‐on leadership experience on a national and local level

How Can You Get Involved?

Please email to request more information, or volunteer to speak at one of our upcoming events.