We encourage our Chapter members to become involved by serving on one of our committees!

If you are interested in a specific area, or would like more information about one of our below listed committee, please contact the Committee Director directly.

Meeting Greeters (Benji Banks; 317.558.6065)
A team of members serve as greeters for each chapter meeting and event. Greeters maintain a roster of attendees, distribute and collect name badges and continuing education sign-in sheets and make introductions between new members and/or guests to members.

Membership (Joe Gianoli; 317.706.6229)
This committee develops procedures to solicit new members, contacting new members by phone or email welcoming them along with inviting them to attend chapter meetings and events. This committee also touches base with current members, inviting them to attend the chapters meetings and events. Also you will help with contacting those who members who did not renew for rentention purposes, identifying reasons for the non-renewal.

NexGen (Kate Arndt; 317.843.1358)
This committee is responsible for introducing, creating and strengthening the relationship between college/university faculty and students with the chapter members. Faculty and students are invited to meetings/events that would increase the students’ desire to pursue a career in the financial planning industry. Other responsibilities include overseeing the annual scholarship program and creating networking opportunities between members and college/university faculty and students.

Pro Bono (Chad Reed; 317.218.6007 & Nathan Carmany; 317.805.0840)
This committee supports the Foundation for Financial Planning’s mission of helping people take control of their financial lives by connecting the financial planning community with people in need. Responsibilities include providing pro bono advice and outreach activities to help people who are underserved by the market, in need of financial guidance or in a financial crisis. Also included is helping people improve their lives through access to pro bono financial planning and financial literacy education via unbiased financial advice in times of crisis and disaster.

Programs (Mychal Eagleson; 317.383.5492 & Don Penn; 317.843.8302)
This committee develops and plans the programs to be presented at the chapter quarterly meetings. Responsibilities include reviewing portfolios of interesting and value-added topics, approaching and securing qualified and dynamic speakers, maintaining communication with speakers and/or their staff, obtaining all pertinent information for filing presentations for CFP and IDOI CE credits along with receiving power point presentations and handouts prior to their speaking engagement. After each meeting/program, this committee also secures feedback from the membership on the quality of the speakers and thoughts on the particular meeting/program.

Public Relations & Social Media (this is currently open)
This committee includes establishing and planning ways to cultivate public understanding of financial planning, promoting FPA on both the national and regional level, and working closely with the media to communicate the goals and professionalist of the FPA. This committee also oversees communications delivered through social media networking sites.

The public relations director will also need to go through National FPA’s media training (via webinar for 90 minutes), keep a list of those FPA members who have gone through this media training and forward media inquiries sent by National’s PR staff to said members.

Partnerships (Benji Banks; 317.558.6065)
This committee, with the assistance of the Chapter Executive, is responsible for obtaining the partnerships that provide funding for the chapter’s programs and operations. This committee reviews the partnership levels and benefits each year, adding new levels and/or benefits that are deemed a win/win for both the partner and the chapter. Alliances with partners are also developed to ensure mutual benefit for both parties to ensure ongoing relationships. Touching base with partners throughout the year and at the time of renewal are also responsibilities of this committee.

If you are interested in one of the below areas and would like sit on our FPA Chapter Board as the  Director, please contact our 2019/2020 Chapter President, Ryan Thomas; 317.663.6508.

The board is currently looking for someone who is interested in chairing the below three committees.

Special Events

This committee is responsible for strengthening networking between the chapter members along with adding value to a membership by providing opportunities for members to connect with one another. Special events that are organized need to be consistent with the objectives of our local chapter, which include public awareness activities, charitable activities and social activities.


This committee’s responsibilities are: (a) monitoring state regulatory and legislative developments and communicating those developments to the chapter and the National FPA government relations department, (b) reporting to the chapter important state and federal regulatory and legislative activity that the National FPA Government Relations Department provides them through various communication methods, and (c) alerting the National FPA Government Relations Department to state developments, which may need action on the part of the FPA.

Career Paths

This committee is responsible for delivering and promoting career development programs that advance the financial planning profession and communicating these programs with chapter members.

The career paths director serves as a resource for career development by acting as a point person for questions and collaborative efforts and should clarify and advance the vision of the career paths committee.